The Importance of choosing an experienced Destination Wedding Planner

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Shopping and Product Reviews

If you are planning a wedding in St. Lucia it is important to realize it is not like planning a local wedding. A wedding planner who has not planned a destination wedding in the past will not have the skills to handle the unexpected challenges and details of a destination wedding. Therefore it is important to choose a St. Lucia Wedding Planner who is familiar with this specialty planning process.

Familiar with the Destination
A wedding planner has to be familiar with the destination. Working with a St. Lucia wedding planner will allow you to have first hand information and details to help you make the best decisions. Remember that you will be making choices based on venues and services you will not get to visit. This means you have to work with someone who not only shares your vision but who has actually been to the destinations and dealt with the services. You do not want to take the chance of a local wedding planner making all the right calls and plans only to arrive to discover the venue is run down and the service is atrocious.

Trouble Shooting
Even the best wedding planner will not be able to trouble shoot for a destination wedding if they have not planned one before. You are looking at a whole new range of problems in hand with the usual challenges such as poor quality meals and accommodations. You will have new and interesting issues such as seasonal challenges, weird bugs and dangerous weather. Most wedding planners will not know about things such as hurricane season. When you hire a St. Lucia wedding planner they will know exactly what unique challenges a destination wedding might encounter and know how to avoid them. You will have someone who is familiar with the process and who can head issues off before they even can get started.

Inside Information
A St. Lucia wedding planner will have inside information on the best florists, bakers, hair stylists, makeup artists, tux rentals and of course venues and chefs. You will be certain to have everything you always wanted from the perfect beach wedding to a lovely, romantic reception with every detail in place. You want to know that when you arrive all you have to do is relax until your wedding day and then let everything be taken care of so you can focus on your wedding, your fiancé and enjoying the most important moment of your life.

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