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Learning The Difference Between Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings

by | Jul 22, 2015 | Jewelry

People who aren’t knowledgeable about jewelry might not know the difference between Wedding Rings and engagement rings. The two rings have totally different meanings. An engagement ring is the ring given to a person when marriage is proposed. It’s been a tradition that women get an engagement ring and then wear it until the day of the wedding. The ring is a symbol that means she is taken and will soon be married. When it comes to Platinum & Gold Jewelry, engagement rings are quite popular. An engagement ring will usually have a diamond as a centerpiece although other gemstones can be used to adorn the ring.

Wedding Rings are different because they are exchanged when partners are actually married. The exchange happens during the ceremony. When compared to an engagement ring, a wedding ring is usually less extravagant. For many people, they are just simple bands. There usually isn’t any gemstone present in a wedding ring. In order to make their rings stand out, some people choose special designs. The rings can also have engravings on them. People can also choose to have unique rings and buy them with gemstones.

To make shopping for rings easier, some jewelers will sell the rings as a set. A person can buy the set and know that the wedding ring and engagement ring will match. With that said, there isn’t anything wrong with buying rings that don’t match. For example, a wedding ring can be made out of gold while the engagement ring is made out of platinum. One way to ensure that both people are happy is to shop for the rings together. Coming up with a budget for both rings is the best thing to do.

By using the Internet, a person can find a great deal on a wedding ring. Shoppers are no longer limited to jewelers in their geographical locations. They can easily shop from jewelers all over the world. This makes comparison shopping easier than ever. Also, people don’t have to just buy new rings. There are some rather beautiful used rings on the market. Used rings are perfect for people on a budget. Follow Platinum and Gold Jewelry on Twitter for trending engagement and wedding rings.

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