Love pomegranate? Try Gravity

This Award-Winning eJuice is sweet and simple, keeping you grounded and refreshed. Having a decidedly down to earth flavor profile, Gravity is the vape that keeps you from floating away after a hectic day. The stresses of the office, the commute, the bills, the kids – you name it – simply disappear as you vape the Number 1 2013 ECF Best Fruit Flavor.

Pomegranate tones blend well with comparable flavors

There are actually four flavors that make up the Gravity flavor profile: peach, tangerine, cranberry, and pomegranate. This flavor doesn’t need any extra steeping time to be enjoyable but you can definitely enhance it if you steep it a few extra days after you receive it. This is considered an all day vape by many of our customers so make sure you keep up with clearomizer maintenance. This vape works particularly well with Protank, Protank 2, and Kanger clearomizers.

Fun to play around with

The unique flavor profile of this eJuice is perfect for experimentation. Adjust the wattage for different intensity levels of sweetness. This is also a great flavor to try out cotton wicking. Visit the Nicoticket website for more details about this unique and fun flavor.

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