The Various Nail Treatment Products Offered

There are various nail treatment products that our company offers to help you achieve healthy and long-lasting nails. As a leading nail polish and treatment wholesaler site, we have numerous options to address any issues that you may be experiencing with your nails. We have these various treatments readily available:

  • Anti-Bite

  • Botanical Cuticle Complex

  • Hydrating Base Coat

  • Natural Fungal Nail Treatment

  • Ridge Filler

  • Top Coat Sealer

  • UV Self Seal Top Coat


This is designed for those who have a nail-biting problem, who can greatly benefit from utilizing the Anti-Bite Treatment. This habit typically starts at a young age and is something that people carry into their adulthood. This can cause a great deal of damage to your nail beds, as well as the skin that is around the nail area. Anti-Bite is a very unpleasant-tasting polish that can be placed on top of the nail, making the owner think twice about sticking their fingers in their mouths ever again.

Cuticle Complex

Healthy cuticles lead to healthy nails. Many may not put thought into the health of their cuticles, but our Botanical Cuticle Complex is great for adding the perfect amount of moisture so they can be as conditioned and soft as they should be.

Hydrating Base Coat

Everyone who paints their nails regularly will know that their nails can become brittle, dry or yellowed if they don’t have time to breathe. With the use of our Hydrating Base Coat, you can rest assured that your nails will be receiving the proper nutrients prior to polish being applied.

Natural Fungal Nail Treatment

It happens to the best of us — fungus. Although it is unsightly and can cause self-consciousness, using our Natural Nail Fungal Treatment can rid your nails and toenails from fungus not only naturally, but quickly as well.

Ridge Filler

Have you noticed ridges in your nails? This can be for many different reasons, such as nail biting or constantly getting manicures with fake tips being put on. Whatever the reasoning is behind the ridges in your nails, our ridge filler can be applied to give your nails a smooth appearance. Now you no longer how to worry about applying polish and it not being even or smooth.

Come check out Pro-Belle for all your nail treatment products. We will gladly be able to accommodate all of your nail care and nail polish needs.

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