Circular saws and blades

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There are two common types of circular saws, those that are hand held and those that are table mounted. Regardless of the style of saw they all can be fitted with circular saw blades in Los Angeles area that will cut numerous materials including wood, plastic, masonry and metal. The saw blade is a circular disc which has teeth ground onto the perimeter edges. The drive motor spins the blade at very high speed thus enabling the teeth on the rotating blade to cut cleanly through the material.

Before selecting the appropriate blade a consumer must first focus on the correct saw. The first step is to determine what it is going to be used for. What’s important with the purchase of any circular saw is to purchase one that will last, get one with adequate power for the motor, powerful enough to cut through the materials you have in mind.

Once you have done your homework, looked at the various saw options available and selected the one most suited for your purposes, it is time to focus on circular saw blades in Los Angeles. It is important to use the correct blade for the job, the results will be better, the cuts will be cleaner and it will be safer.

There are four basic types of circular saw blades; rip, crosscut, combination and specialty.

Rip saw blades have been designed to ensure a clean cut when cutting in the same direction as the wood grain. A rip saw blade has large and small straight teeth which are best suited for casting the dust and debris off from the cut.

Combination circular saw blades are very popular, the teeth design is such that the blade can effectively rip along the grain and crosscut against the grain. The combination blade is the blade of choice of most users, it more or less eliminates the need to change blades every time the cutting direction changes. Combination blades are available in numerous tooth counts; the difference between high and low tooth counts is the finish. If a smooth finish is important then you will want a blade with a high tooth count.

Crosscut circular saw blades in Los Angeles are perfect for making a smooth, clean cut across the grain. This type of blade has kerfed teeth which altercate from leaning to the left and to the right of the disc surface.

The size of the blade depends on the motor power, the use and the manufacturer. It is extremely important that when a new blade is required that it be identical to the one removed. It is always a good idea to refer to companies that specialize in selling saw blades to ensure the correct replacement.

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