Protocols Used In The Ebola Epidemic

The latest Ebola outbreak occurring in 2012-2015 was a scary time for the entire world. The majority of the world’s population was watching from the sidelines and didn’t know how big the outbreak would become. The goal of the medical professionals trying to contain the virus was to stop it from spreading to countries around the world. The precautions that were taken were a huge undertaking.

Hazmat Suits

The hazardous suits used in the Ebola virus epidemic were basic in the beginning stages. A lot of the victims of the virus were caused by faulty protective gear or being exposed while taking off the clothing. If a more protective suit had been used, such as Tyvek coveralls in yellow, the spread may not have happened as quickly as it did.

As the spread of the virus got worse and worse, researchers knew to design a better suit that can protect in any situation. They created a suit made of breakaway zippers and buttons so there will be little interaction with the wearer and the outside of the suit.


Victims were immediately to be quarantined once found to be afflicted with Ebola. The virus is so easy to transmit that complete isolation was necessary. First responders to the medical facility were also quarantined if thought to have accidental contact with the victim or any infected fluids.

Victims that were not quarantined, generally in third world countries, quickly infected immediate family members and whoever else lived under the same roof. Many times, in poorer countries, the victims did not they were contaminated until it was too late, which caused the quick spread of Ebola from house to house and eventually city to city.

While the Ebola virus has been contained since the latest outbreak, the possibility of it coming back into the forefront is real. With the proper procedures, the next outbreak can be contained quicker than it previously has.

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