Simple Ideas To Extend The Life Of E Cigarette Batteries

While e-cigs will last for a considerable amount of time with just a basic amount of care and maintenance, battery life can be an issue with any e-cig. This is true for two groups of users, those who use the e-cig only occasionally, and those that are heavy vapers.

For both groups, and for anyone in the middle, we can suggest some basic battery maintenance ideas that will help extend the life and cut down on replacement costs. The most important thing to remember is to buy the best quality e cigarette batteries, never go with cheap no-name brands and always use the recommended charger for your system.

In addition, there are several other simple ideas you can use in your daily vaping to help to keep your batteries holding a charge for as long as possible.

Keep it Clean and Dry

When using a drip tip, if you overfill the system it is very likely that a small amount, or sometimes a significant volume of the liquid, can get onto the battery. If this happens, take the battery out and dry it off as soon as possible.

The next time you are home or somewhere you have the ability to take the battery out, clean the contact area and any residue or film from the battery using alcohol and a Q-tip.

Use as Recommended

Some people, particularly with mechanical mods or advanced e-cig systems, don’t use the recommended e cigarette batteries in their device. They may even try battery stacking, which creates a safety issue as well as reduces the life of each battery.

Never stack batteries, and don’t modify any battery to “fit” within your e-cig system. Batteries, in a pinch, are readily available at most convenience stores, vape shops and most electronic stores.

Avoid Draining the Battery

Try to avoid running the battery out, or running it until it is not producing the vapor and the vaping experience you expect. Constantly running these batteries to empty cuts short their lifecycle. So make sure you have to have a good idea of how long they can be used for, and plan to have an additional battery on hand to change out.

Take the minute or two necessary to find the charger and fully charge all e cigarette batteries before storing. With the new chargers of today, you can even charge different batteries at the same time, which is a great feature and one that will also help to extend battery life to the fullest.

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