How To Spot Fake Designer Tote Bags

New Designer Tote Bags are a joy to have; finding out they are fake, is not. If you are shopping around for a bag, this article will prove vital in helping you identify fakes, replicas and genuine products.Be aware of the difference between a genuine, a knock-off and fake bag Understanding this difference can help you make a decision that is well informed on the choice of tote bag you decide to take home:

The original designer makes genuine designer bags. Overall design includes logo, attachments, charms, etc. that are placed at exact positions. Other features that are on the bags include signatures, marks or tags that state a designer’s name and are an integral part of the bag’s authenticity and design. The price is determined by how much the customer is willing to pay for the designer label.

A legal limitation or knock-off is inspired by a designer but is not a direct copy. This is so long as the bag does not claim to be an original and does not make use of the trademarked logos, features and symbols.Fake bags on the other hand, send across a message that they are the genuine designer product, right down to the very last charm. Such fakes attempt to copy everything from the designer bag such that they can pass off as the original products. The prices can vary from extremely cheap to high ridiculous amounts. Producing fake products is illegal and buying these, helps support this illegal activity.

Be store conscious
The best place to buy genuine designer bags is a renowned store. The staff should be thoroughly knowledgeable on the guarantees, quality and pedigree as concern the bag. Other tips to make you store wise include:

Always assume anything you buy at a flea market or street vendor is suspect.

Always carry out in-depth research about the designer tote bags.

Talk to fashionista friends, relatives and colleagues about where they buy their designer bags.

Other tips to help you acquire genuine Designer Tote Bags include:
Be a realist when it comes to price; if the price is too good to be true, then the bag is probably fake. Ask vendor whether the bag is real, a copy or fake; evasive sellers always have something to hide.Remember not to confuse the designer bag with a promise on quality.


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