Trendy Jewelry For Women: Perfect Ways to Wear Accessories

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Shopping and Product Reviews

Accessories make the look. Good accessories can give your favorite outfits a trendy new look. Check out the latest in jewelry pieces and accessories and create a style that is all your own. Mix and match and you get several looks that are no fuss and no stress, just fun.

Add pop to the little black dress
A simple black dress is a wardrobe basic. You can make your dress pop with a bold and bright necklace. Think hot pink or multi-colors in a piece that just sits along your neckline. Now add a similar cuff bracelet or chunky anklet to make a complete statement. This set will go equally well with a pair of faded jeans and slinky t-shirt.

Subtle style for daywear
Metallic and purple tones are trending for Fall. Get shimmery purple eyeliner and add a light necklace with a purple pendant to add just enough flash to a business look. If your outfit choice does not lean to a necklace, add a slim purple bracelet or purple rhinestone earrings. After work, you can increase your flare with larger, bolder pieces in the same color tones.

Add jewelry to your hairstyle
Braids or French plaits are a key to many fall 2014 hairstyles. Create your own trendy look by adding a slim gold chain into your braid. Weave in some brightly colored feathers. If you prefer shorter hairstyles, simply add a few shimmery rhinestones to your style. You can even make use of a rhinestone bracelet this way. Weave the bracelet through your hair and hold it in place with a couple of bobby pins.

Suede and leather
Suede and leather are top choices for footwear and bags for fall. These materials do not have to be limited this way. Try slim suede or leather bracelets bands or a larger piece with some color flash for casual wear. You can add a choker necklace in suede strings with metallic beads or earth tones to jazz up your jeans.

The looks for fall are easy wear; keep your accessories easy and fun. Create your own trendy style and keep it fun, you cannot go wrong.

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