Certified Versus Non-Certified Diamond: What’s the Difference?

When buying diamond jewelry, you may come across the term “certified diamond”. But, what does this mean? It merely means that it has undergone quality analysis and been graded based on its 4Cs by a trusted gem laboratory. A diamond certificate is then issued after the analysis.

Having a certificate doesn’t make the diamond special. It’s just a grading report containing information like:

  • Shape and dimension of the stone
  • Carat weight
  • Clarity and color grades
  • Cut grade
  • Standard of finish (symmetry, polish, girdle width)

Why Buy a Certified Diamond?

A certificate does add assurance about a diamond’s authenticity. However, not all diamonds need to be certified, especially inexpensive or small diamonds. Additionally, buying from a reputable jeweler can assure you that you are purchasing a genuine diamond. Some jewelers also prefer not to have their diamonds certified so they can sell them at a lower cost that’s why you will find more non-certified diamonds in the marketplace.

So when does buying certified diamond engagement rings make sense? Diamonds of significant value should always be certified. It’s very risky to invest a considerable amount of money in a non-certified diamond. Furthermore, if you are buying from an online store, you should always ask for a certificate since you can’t personally assess and evaluate the stone.

Is a Diamond Appraisal the Same as a Diamond Certificate?

No. A diamond appraisal done by the jeweler himself cannot be considered as a diamond certificate. Be wary of jewelers telling you otherwise. A diamond appraisal is only prepared to indicate the estimated value of the stone for insurance purposes. Conversely, a diamond certificate must only come from a respected gemological laboratory.

The Bottom Line

It’s best to buy certified diamond engagement rings when the stone holds a significant value or when purchasing from an online seller. This helps protect you from fraud.

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