Essential pet supplies for your dog

by | Nov 1, 2011 | General

After all the cajoling and tantrums, you’ve finally managed to convince your parents or your spouse, to get home a puppy. You’ve pictured yourself playing fetch, going for long walks, and being together with your furry companion for years. However, your pet is a living and breathing creature and has needs. There are a few pet supplies that you need before you get your bundle of joy home.

Food is the topmost priority of a puppy. You will KNOW when your puppy is hungry. They will start to whine and whimper and try to get their little muzzles around anything. Your puppy needs good, healthy and nutritious food.

Collar and leash

If you’ve properly trained your puppy, there will come a time when you will be able to take your puppy for a walk without having to yank him/her back with a leash. But for now, you will require a leash. Puppies are born curious. They will sniff after anything which pips their curiosity, be it a bouncy frog or an interestingly shaped piece of wood. They have a knack of running into trouble easily. Start with a traditional collar and leash, and move on to a full body collar.

Chew toys

Drop dead adorable as they may be, you don’t want your puppy chewing on your best pair of slippers. Puppies love to chew on anything. They chew as a way of play. Chewing releases saliva which keeps their teeth healthy and strong. Make sure that you have a sturdy, but “chewable” chew toy handy, before your little dog comes in.

Don’t forget to get your puppy his own sleeping space too. And NEVER EVER mistreat your dog.

pet supplies

pet supplies

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