How Green Teas Help in Weight Loss?

by | Jun 27, 2012 | Shopping and Product Reviews

Weight loss is one of the main concerns of the 21st century. Junk foods, unhealthy habits, stress and lack of time is making the new generation an unhealthy working giant. Introduction of various electronic gadgets also added to this problem. Today people hardly indulge themselves in physical labour and as a result they end up in accumulating large amounts of fats in various parts of their body. Because of scarcity of time people prefer the products that will help them to stay fit in no time.

Green tea is one of those products which are known for its numerous benefits on human body since time immemorial. Recent reach and nutrition science proved that green tea is beneficial for human body especially for its anti oxidant and weight loss effects. Green tea is preferred by new generation because it helps them lose their accumulated fats just by consuming. Lot of researches are still going on to gather information about beneficial qualities of green teas. But it is evident that the following qualities of green tea help in reducing weight in human body.

Caffeine metabolism boosting

Nutrition science and research proved that consumption of green tea in daily basis can enhance the metabolism rate of human body up to 4%. This fact is obviously fascinating as minimum effort of drinking 2-4 cups of tea daily can burn stored fat in body. If taken for a long time regularly the rate of fat burning capacity can increase from 4% to 7%. It also breaks down the neurotransmitters and makes it last longer resulting healthy nervous system. Researches also proved that regular intake of green tea normalise the heart beat rate with a special element known as L-theanine. This element also helps in neutralising the harmful effect of caffeine in human body.

Blood Sugar Reduction

Green tea is also known for its blood sugar reducing effect in human body. Regular intake of green tea activates the insulin secretion in body thus reducing the level of blood sugar. It maintains a balance of insulin so that it does not fluctuate frequently. Researches proved that green tea, black tea and Oolong helps activates insulin secretion rate up to 15%. This gradually results in noticeable weight loss in human body by converting sugar and burning fats.

Cholesterol and Triglyceride Reduction

Not only green tea reduces amount of caffeine and blood sugar in human body, but also it is capable of reducing harmful triglyceride and blood cholesterol. Regular consumption of green tea helps in preventing clots and congestion in veins and arteries. It also replaces bad cholesterol with good cholesterol supply in human body.

Precisely, regular intake of green teas eradicates the symptoms and factors that are instrumental in weight gain in human body. Therefore, it helps in weight loss without must effort or time. So, if you are tensed with weight loss and lack of time, then green tea can be your best friend.

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