Selling Your Hand-Crafted Silver Jewelry

Handcrafting things is a respectable and much admired hobby. Many people get a lot of joy from the act of creating things with their own two hands. If you’ve got that kind of talent, why not try and profit from it? You’ll be doing what you love and earning a bit of spending money as an added bonus. This goes double for those who like to make their own jewelry out of silver and other valuable metals; while it might just seem like a simple, fun little pastime, making silver jewelry can actually earn you a significant amount of money if you know how to go about selling it. If you live in Lincoln Park, then it might be beneficial for you to pay a visit to your local silver buyer so you can see what they can do for you.

Some of the most popular silver buyers in Lincoln Park tend to be pawnbrokers, and with good reason. Pawn shops are more likely to pay you top-dollar for the things you sell them than retail stores would, and your options are far more varied to boot. You wouldn’t really have much luck trying to sell your own homemade silver jewelry to an actual jewelry retailer, but a pawn shop would be more than happy to buy it from you. They specialize in accepting a wide variety of different items, and something made by a part-time artist would only add to their repertoire of unique products.

Take care to remember, though, that how much money a pawn shop will give you for your handmade silver jewelry may depend on the exact alloys used in its composition. This is especially important if you’re selling off old, broken pieces of your previous work, in which case the silver will typically be used for scrap. When you sell a piece of scrap to a pawn shop, they will then resell it as raw material to make new silver jewelry, so its overall value will be a pivotal factor in how much you’re paid. Furthermore, you should remember that most pawn shops will pay you a little less than they’ll charge for the same item. However, this should not deter you from selling your jewelry to a silver buyer, as it’s a common and necessary business practice needed in order for the buyer to make a reasonable profit.

Either way, a pawn shop is one of the best places to look if you’re trying to find a silver buyer in Lincoln Park who will give you a bit of money for your hand-crafted accessories. You’ll have much better luck than if you tried to sell the items yourself, and you’ll soon find that it’s a good way to earn money when times are rough and you’re low on cash.

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