How the Bible can provide you with Endless Strength

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Books

Whenever you feel your faith falter or find life has become too difficult the bible is waiting to offer you strength and hope. There are so many wonderful messages in the bible and it takes years to become familiar with the lines that will have the most meaning and inspiration for you. However the sooner you begin reading the bible, the easier it will become for you to learn about God’s word and discover the comfort bible verses can offer. Here are some truly inspirational examples to start you on your journey.

  • When Facing Difficulty: When you are faced with difficulty in life it is important to be reminded that  your faith can allow you to endure. Consider James 1:2-4 where you can see that trials are the testing of faith and what allows you to show your love through your endurance.
  • When having Trouble in relationships: A simpler quote could not be read and have as much meaning to those who are finding it hard to get along with people who are cruel or uncaring. Romans 8:31 reminds us that when we have God in our hearts and on our side no one can stand up against us.
  • When you feel too burdened: It is easy to find the hectic life you lead feels like a great weight on your shoulders. It can make it difficult to sacrifice time for friends and family. John 15:14 will help remind you of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and make anything you have to face seem small in comparison.
  • Patience and faith: Sometimes we expect God to hand us a pot of gold. However this is not how God works. Isaiah 40:31 reminds you to be steadfast in your faith in order to see God’s rewards. Your faith is what brings happiness, strength and courage.

You can use your bible readings in hand with Online Personal Prophecy to strengthen your faith and find a way to walk closer to God. Always recall Jeremiah 29:11 in order to stay focused on your faith and know that God’s plans are good and not for disaster in order to live with hope for the future. You will find the strength to carry on when you turn to the bible to offer examples of strength, faith and courage.

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