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Why you should not fear the Power of Prophecy

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Books

Many people are hesitant to learn more about themselves and the world through prophecy. God has always communicated with people in order to offer insights and direction on where we must go and what we must do to remain obedient and help God with his work. However God’s messages are often very simple ones intended to assist you on your life’s journey and nothing to be feared.

The power of prophecy is not to put the fear of God into your heart. Instead it is designed to help you discover what you can do to find happiness. Personal prophecies are often used by Christians to become closer to God as well as to assist them in times of trouble. The power of prophecy is that it provides direct guidance from God, a rare gift not everyone can experience. Master Prophet Jordan can assist in answering many questions no matter how insignificant you might think they are from financial issues to health advice. He uses the power of prophecy to guide you on life’s journey and make it easier for you to pursue the life God has intended for you.

Prophecy can sometimes work as a warning, but only in order to protect people, not in order to frighten you. You should maintain reverence for God only in that you show you understand how powerful he is. God is not a spiteful God and often people look at the Old Testament and find that he appears very vengeful. God often shares messages with people on earth that you will never hear tell of as the messages are of a very personal nature. Master Prophet Jordan receives such prophecies everyday and wants to share God’s personal message for you when you are ready to hear from him.

So let us reflect on prophecy and understand the power of prophecy in relation to Christian life. The bible has many passages of prophecy that are later fulfilled. For example there are many prophesies regarding Jesus including his birth in Bethlehem and King Herod slaying the children. There are also prophecies about Jesus’ death including his betrayal by a friend and his being sold for 30 pieces of silver. The power of prophecy should not be feared but instead embraced to help improve your life as well as your relationship with God.

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