Embrace Love for the Planet as Part of your Spirituality

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Books

God gave us two wonderful gifts: Life and this planet. Everyday you can see examples how mankind is slowly stripping the world of its beauty through greed and industry. Being in commune with nature brings you closer to God and allows you to improve your ability to embrace your spirituality. Living an eco friendly life can help you stay in touch with nature, one of the most beautiful gifts God has given us.

Live a Green Life

God created the world to provide a home to all of his creatures. You should be making an effort to live your life with a conscious effort to help save the planet he created for you. Become an active environmentalist taking steps in your everyday life to embrace conscientious living that allows you to give thought to everything you do and the effect it will have on others and the environment. Participate in local recycling programs and use products that will lead to less waste as well as that will cause less pollution. Stop living a materialistic life and learn to live with only the things you truly need. Do not stack your closets filled with too many clothes, personal care products and “toys”. Instead look for items that will bring meaning into your life and discard the rest.

Your Body

As you learn to care more for the planet you will also learn to care more for yourself. Try to make an effort to eat a more healthy diet and use the produce nature provides to make healthier choices. Begin cooking healthier meals and enjoying local produce in order to feed your self and your family properly. Avoid packaged foods with chemicals and also boxes and containers that will add more garbage into the world. Think fresh and simple and enjoy the flavors nature provides instead of the artificial flavors that feed industry.

Embrace Your Spirit

Spirituality is the key to a healthy, happy life and when you embrace conscientious living you are adding to your spirituality. Spiritual Readings For Free can help provide you with guidance in living a more spiritual life and make you more aware of the gifts God has provided to you here on earth.

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