Reasons Why You Should Request a Personal Prophecy

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Books

Online prophecies could change your life. They allow you to receive the guidance you need to truly make a difference, while still being very much in control of your own life. Whatever your reason for requesting a personal prophecy may be, it will offer substantial benefits as long as you choose a true prophet. There are many fake prophets out there, so you must be vigilant in your selection.

Life Changing

Many people have stated how God has changed their lives. For some, it’s as easy as picking up the bible and reading about Gods work. For others, a more personal approach is required. A personal prophecy could give you exactly this. It is fully designed for you and you alone. Everything that is in your prophecy was written for you by a prophet -using the words of God.

Easily Accessible

Another great thing about receiving your prophecy is that it is all online, and accessible from almost any location. In history, people would have to personally visit a prophet to receive their prophecy. This is not the case anymore, as now prophets can commute the word of God over the internet. This makes it easier than ever to access the faith healing power of a personal prophecy.

Free of Charge

True prophets offer their services for free. It is against Gods wishes to sell your gift to believers. This means you don’t need to worry about sending money over and the security of the website. You simply create an online account and your well on your way to rekindling your faith in our Savior.

Extreme Accuracy

Many people have been able to predict future events due to prophecies. Many prophecies foretold in the bible have indeed come true; in fact every single one that has happened has shown remarkable accuracy when compared to the prophecy itself. Personal prophecies come from God himself, and therefore display the same accuracy when passed on down to the believer.

Faith Healing Power

An online prophecy could be what you need to relight the fire of faith within you. Often we stray apart from the path of righteousness, due to false prophets, bad decisions and sins. Over time, this can really take its toll on your spiritual health. The power of prophecy could help to revert this, by showing you the power of God in a new and different light.

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